Everybody’s Kids Are In The News, Daily!

June 12th, 2012 | Posted by ilenedillon in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on Everybody’s Kids Are In The News, Daily!)

That’s who is in the news: everybody’s children! Whether it’s the report of a great performance, a drive-by shooting, the tale of a Good Samaritan, the awarding of a scholarship, or the buzz about a new technology product or internet business, we’re still hearing about the behaviors and abilities of someone’s child.

Everybody’s children—they are the concern and “business” of all of us. We, who are currently the adults of this world, bear the responsibility of helping everbody’s children develop to their fullest potential, full of love, utilizing their talents, caring for one another. Incredible Kids do all these things, and more. That’s why I want to tell the world about how to Raise Incredible Kids!

Incredible Kids

  • Remain their own, Incredible and Authentic Selves
  • Are conscious, realizing that they create their own lives
  • Utilize their Talents, knowing those talents are slated to help the world
  • Are communicative, caring, and base their life on Love
  • Are emotionally literate, and strive for lifelong emotional balance
  • Make their own great decisions
  • Are self-directed, examining and learning from their mistakes
  • Live from “inside out,” allowing them to become immune to peer pressure
  • Are part of their world, realizing that we are all One
  • Are connected to their own Soul, excited to explore, grow and contribute
  • Enjoy being alive, and have Fun

And So Much More……..

Our world is changing, so fast we can barely keep up. Things are simultaneously falling apart, being revealed, and opening to new opportunities. In my 40+ years of working with all types of people as a California psychotherapist, I have noted that what happens with an individual right before making major change, is that s/he falls apart! That’s what’s happening in our world right now. We–all of us AND our world–are about to make major changes.

This creates a challenge for you and me. We need to prepare people for the kinds of lives they’ll be leading after the major changes (and leading up to those times, too). We need to prepare our children and grandchildren for a world we may be unable to imagine, but in which they will live.

Ready for this?

It’s my hope to help you get ready. It’s my hope that you will prepare your kids and grandkids, assist the neighborhood kids, love the community kids, and do your part to ease us into a new (hopefully much better) way of living here on this earth. We can do it, particularly if we focus and work together. You’re invited! Let’s get started.

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