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Ilene Dillon’s Special Prize Draw

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Choice #1

ABCs Trilogy: ABCs of Love, Anger and Loneliness

Regular Price: $81 US

Every emotion has a different “energy signature,” and offers different “signals” to help us navigate life.  These three downloadable books are manuals for parents to help them understand the different signals and energy signatures of the emotions of Love, Anger and Loneliness. You get an explanation of what each emotion is designed to direct our attention toward, important “signals” they give, and numerous exercises and activities you and your child can do together to work with Love, Anger and Loneliness, toward the end that your child will become masterful in working with these emotions (and so will YOU!).


Choice #2                                               

A one half-hour laser-focused coaching session regarding
parenting with Ilene Dillon, MFT

Usual Charge: $90 US     (can be the parenting you’re doing for children, OR the parenting you received!)

I’ve spent the last 40 years working with families and children and parents, utilizing a transpersonal approach, which has led me to incisive work that immediately gets at issues and points the way to lasting change.  Wherever you are in the world, we can work together via Skype!


Register Now for Anger Mastery Course!

 Get all the fabulous information from Ilene’s “Anger Mastery: 6 Things to Make Your Child an Authority Over Anger” at the special telesummit price of only $297!

 Find out the universal cause of anger, the two hidden forms of anger that cost Americans billions of dollars annually (and countless personal problems), and what “those other animals” have to teach us about working with anger, to name just a few of the things we discuss in the 12 hour course! You will not find this information anywhere else! 

Starts October 1. Register today!

The Anger Mastery Course 


Special Kindle Edition: Available for Immediate Download

Only $2.97!

 If you’re the parent of an adult child who has been affected by the economic downturn and may be moving back in with you, be sure to get Ilene’s book, available on Kindle, Fledglings Return: How to Stay Sane and Loving When Adult Kids Come Back Home to Stay. It’s a blueprint for partnering with your adult child for the best possible outcome to an experience that requires parental wisdom for success!


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Coaching Opportunities


As great as video learning, teleclasses and telesummits are, when it comes to something as important and variable as parenting, most of us need personalized help, so I want you to know of the wonderful opportunities we have for you to get that help!


Ask a question Coaching

Perhaps you are having an issue that you just need an answer for. Email me to receive your answer. I will ask you to allow your response to be shared (without identifying information), so that your question and answer are made available to help others. A low-cost way to get great information, members of Ask A Question Coaching can ask two questions per month.

  Choose either a) $7.95 Monthly recurring membership; or

                         b) $39.95 6-months pre-paid & get 1 month free (usually $48).


Once-a-Month Group Coaching

On Tuesday evening, midmonth, we hold our monthly live coaching group, where you can ask questions, work on your parenting challenges, share your own parenting wisdom with others. If your 5 year old is driving you crazy because her shoes hurt, your four year old is torturing your cat, your 13 year old has been showing monster characteristics, or you’re unsure how to set curfew with your older teen, coming to Group Coaching is a great answer with a manageable cost.   1.5 hour sessions.

  Choose either a) 3-month package, just $85 (save $5)  or

                         b) 6-month package, just $160 (save $20)


Personal One-on-One Coaching
Sometimes you just want to figure out what to do, get all your questions answered without having to stand in line, or are having a particularly vexing problem that is more involved and requires more intense work. In such cases, One-on-One Coaching is your answer. Make your request for individualized personal coaching here.



Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., aka “The Emotional Pro,” has been a California Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Social Worker for 40 years, a Coach for twelve years, and an Author, and Master Teacher in the area of human relationships and emotion. Her ideas about relationships have been featured on King World’s The Rolanda Show, as well as in such publications as Personal Excellence, Care Notes, Woman’s Day, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Marin Independent Journal and on radio programs broadcast worldwide.


Creator/host of Internet Radio’s Full Power Living, Ilene is dedicated to transforming our world through the power and mastery of human emotions. Through her proprietary courses and coaching, Ilene helps parents, kids and others master their emotions, end co-dependence, and consciously live harmoniously with universal Principles.  Ilene has lived as a married, single, step, adoptive and grand mother.  She is married to neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Fink, F.A.C.S. and lives in Northern California in the US.                                          !/IleneDillon



Ilene L. Dillon, M.S.W., aka "The Emotional Pro," has been transforming the world through the power and mastery of human emotions for four decades. A long-time California Marriage and Family Therapist, Ilene used her 20 years as a single parent to develop a powerful way to Parent Consciously. Ilene is a pioneer of the Emotional Literacy field, having published her first books in 1994. Now married to neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Fink, Ilene shares 6 adult "children" and 5 grandchildren in her blended family. Since 2004 she has hosted Full Power Living on the Internet.

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