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 Just a reminder of the Terms of your Big “Win”.

You get three hours, so we can get some real changes made!

I am available to Coach you in one of three areas:

  1. Parenting Consciously     To help our children move through the transformation we’re all undergoing at this time, as well as to prepare them for the changes that will be evident in the “new world” going forward, I will help you to make alterations that fit you and your family in how you parent, with a special emphasis on emotional development and mastery. Depending on your interest, we can work with discipline, sharing love, family participation, character development (personal ethics), communication, self-esteem, being a partner with your child, sibling issues, or what it takes to help your child become immune to peer pressure.
  2. Relationships      Whether your “relationships questions” regard an SO, work colleagues, parents, neighbors or friends, I will help you make alterations that fit who you are as a person, with a special emphasis on emotional development and mastery, that will allow you to understand and work through relationship issues you have. We’ll lay out the issues, agree upon a plan, offer you with tools and determine resources you may need, and support you as you implement the plan, making current and permanent changes in your relationship life.
  3. Marriage        Perhaps you want to make changes or update in your most intimate of relationships, your marriage. I will help you understand where you may be operating outside the bounds of “universal principle” (which can cause trouble) and what you need to do to work with those principles for a more satisfying, growth-supporting and happy intimacy in your marriage. Knowing and understanding how emotions work within marriage will equip you to work out kinks for years into the future. 


 Terms of this Grand Prize Award: 

This offer must be claimed by October 31, 2012. Hours must be completed by January 31, 2013, and will be scheduled at a mutually-agreeable time for you and Ilene.

  1. When I call, be prepared to make a decision about the topic area and schedule the three sessions. You will be asked to sign an agreement for coaching services, to be sent to you electronically. Call details will be made at this time.
  2. For each session, you will receive one reminder notice 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. The responsibility for participating in the meeting is yours. If you cannot make the appointment, and you do not give 24 hours notice of cancellation, you will forfeit that prize hour. Since I don’t want this to happen for you, please make sure to be available as agreed upon!
  3. Come to the Coaching session and enjoy transforming your life and emotions!


Additional notes:

  1. Responsibility for completing agreed-upon actions and task is entirely yours.
  2. I do not guarantee that you will make changes, or all the changes you want to make during the course of this prize coaching. Usually, however, people make tremendous strides in a very short time.
  3. I request that, at the end of the coaching prize, you write me a testimonial about your experience and give me permission to use the testimonial in my advertising. This is not a requirement; it’s a request!
  4. There is no fee to you for these three hours of coaching services with me, Ilene L. Dillon, M.S.W.
  5. Should you wish to contract for additional coaching hours, these will be made available at the usual rate of $175 per session, or for a package cost of 3 sessions for $450 (a $75 discount).

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Ilene L. Dillon, M.S.W., aka "The Emotional Pro," has been transforming the world through the power and mastery of human emotions for four decades. A long-time California Marriage and Family Therapist, Ilene used her 20 years as a single parent to develop a powerful way to Parent Consciously. Ilene is a pioneer of the Emotional Literacy field, having published her first books in 1994. Now married to neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Fink, Ilene shares 6 adult "children" and 5 grandchildren in her blended family. Since 2004 she has hosted Full Power Living on the Internet.

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