The ABCs “Emotional Literacy” Series of Parent Manuals

Parents are not the only ones who have not known enough about emotions to teach it. In the 1990’s, our office called 37 universities and schools charged with preparing psychotherapists for their work in the state of California, and asked this question: “Do you now—or have you ever—offered a stand-alone course on Anger?” The answer was “no”—at all 37 institutions of higher learning!

We are just realizing how important emotions are in human lives. Because our awareness is new, we are being offered a jumble of information about emotions. In my opinion, most of it is far more complicated than it needs to be, and far less practical to use than it can be.

The Emotional Literacy Series was first published in the early 1990’s. At that time, I wrote and had published 7 manuals for parents, entitled Exploring Anger With Your Child. 3 more were written then, but not published—on Shame and Remorse, Intimacy and Love.

These manuals are now being re-written. Three of them are available for your use, with others “under construction.” We now have “The ABCs of Anger,” “The ABCs of Love,” and the “The ABCs of Loneliness” ready for you to order and use.

With each book, you get

  • An explanation about how emotions work and why they’re important
  • An understanding of the “signal” of the particular emotion being discussed
  • Instructions on the best way to approach working with your child around this emotion
  • A list of materials you will need to do the exercises
  • Exercises and activities intended for use with children ages 5-8, 9-11 and 12-14
  • Coaching on what to look for as you work with these activities with your children

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Incredible Lifelong Success:
What It Takes to Help Your Kid(s) Become An Emotional Master

If you’re like most parents, you want to help your children be masterful with their emotions, but nobody ever taught you how! In this Teleseminar you’ll discover

  • What Emotional Mastery IS
  • What emotions are designed to do for us
  • Why emotions cause us humans problems
  • Why there are no such things as “negative emotions”
  • Who to hold responsible for emotions
  • What things children need to know in order to get in charge of their emotions
  • The most important thing to do when your child is feeling emotions
  • Why listening is vital in dealing with emotions
  • How much emotion it’s okay for you to have around your children
  • What changes you may need to make to help your children with emotions
  • Why not to be afraid of emotions
  • And so much more…….


Help Your Kids Handle Their Emotions

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Ilene also offers group, individual and online Coaching for all areas of child-rearing, including working with emotions in your family and between you and your children, how to parent consciously, how to Partner with your Child, and how to understand and work with your child’s manipulation.

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Emotional Literacy Parent Manuals Now Available 


The ABCs of Love: 
Building Emotional Foundations for Life

Ebook – $27.00

Love really is what makes our world go around, including the “world” of our families and the “world” of the relationship between you and your child. Do you know that there is both an Art and a Set of Skills that are part of loving? You can learn and teach these skills to your child. 



The ABCs of Anger: 
Building Emotional Foundations for Life

Ebook – $27.00

Anger is a very powerful, potentially destructive emotion. It is our “most active” emotion, meaning that if we don’t deal with it, it can stay inside and wreak havoc in our daily lives. Children really need to know how to work with anger and release it harmlessly. This is now possible for you to share with your children, through what you will discover in The ABCs of Anger.



The ABCs of Loneliness: 
Building Emotional Foundations for Life

Ebook – $27.00

When your child comes to you to share “I’m lonely,” do you know what to say or do to help? All of us parents want to help our children with issues like “loneliness.” The question is, how much do you actually know about loneliness and how to cure it in your own life? What can you give your child, based on how you deal with loneliness that you experience?


Now… Available on Kindle!


Fledglings Return: How to Stay Sane & Loving
When Adult Kids Come Back Home to Stay


A blueprint for “partnering” with your adult “kid” for the best possible outcome of living together again. Use this book to avoid pitfalls, focusing instead on what works, and how you want things to work out positively for everyone involved!





Ilene L. Dillon, M.S.W., aka "The Emotional Pro," has been transforming the world through the power and mastery of human emotions for four decades. A long-time California Marriage and Family Therapist, Ilene used her 20 years as a single parent to develop a powerful way to Parent Consciously. Ilene is a pioneer of the Emotional Literacy field, having published her first books in 1994. Now married to neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Fink, Ilene shares 6 adult "children" and 5 grandchildren in her blended family. Since 2004 she has hosted Full Power Living on the Internet.

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