“Building Emotional Foundations for Life”

Anger is our most powerful emotion, constantly working inside and wreaking havoc with our lives.
As a parent, you certainly want to help your child understand, work with and safely release
anger—this book will help you do that.

From Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., The Emotional Pro
El Sobrante, California

Dear Parent,

We all know that anger is a very powerful, even potentially destructive, emotion. Do you know, however that anger qualifies as our “most active” emotion, meaning that if we don’t deal with it, it can stay inside and wreak havoc in several areas of daily life, such as the destruction of self-esteem, blockage of success, and physical illness? Children really need to know about anger and how to work with it and release it harmlessly and completely. There is no one better able to do this than you, the parent.

The first 7 years of life are the time when humans do their learning about emotions. The pains, unfinished hurts, upsets, powerful positive experiences and crushing emotional blows receive in these first seven years tend—unless we work directly with them to release their energy—to be repeated over and over and over again, throughout our lives. Author Michael Brown (The Presence Process), says that emotionally, most people just live the first seven years of their lives, repeatedly, for their entire lives. This is not what we want for our children, or ourselves, either! Teaching your child about anger can save him or her this fate.

In The ABCs of Anger, discover the “universal cause” of anger, vital information for helping you and your child get a handle on upsetting anger situations, ideas on how to change what causes your child to feel anger, and how to have fun with anger! You and your child will discover why it is vitally important (even for your health!) to learn to allow anger to “pass through”, and how to do it. There are wonderful activities for you to do together, as you process current anger, release held-onto anger, and heal old angers so they no longer have sway over you or your child. Together, you’ll learn to prevent future buildup of held-onto anger, a skill your child can then take over and use for the rest of his or her life!

The ABCs series uses information, art and art materials to help your child work through everyday emotions like anger, dissolving held-onto anger, healing anger issues, and preventing future buildup of anger. Emotions are energy (“e-motions”, i.e. “energy in motion”). Just as placing a dam across a river causes water to build up behind the dam, so holding emotions (like anger) inside ourselves allows them to build up in us. Held-onto anger grows, turning into hate, resentment, violence and depression.

It is vital for parents to teach children not only why we have anger, but also what a particular anger is “signaling,” and the best ways to correct/heal/release that anger. Most of us did not get this information about anger, because our parents did not get it from their parents, and so on. The ABCs books have been written to fill in those gaps. They’re important for your own growth in understanding and working with anger, and for helping you be a parent who can teach your child to work effectively and powerfully with anger. You and your child can do important learning, AND learn to have fun with anger, too!


What’s In the ABCs of Anger: Building Emotional Foundations for Life?

  1. An understanding of anger’s cause, “signal,” learning potential, and the perils of holding onto it.
  2. Information on what can be done to decrease the amount of anger held onto by your child
  3. Activities to help your child explore and understand the emotion we call Anger (activities are focused     on 3 different age groups: 5-8, 9-11, and 12-14)
  4. Information about ways you can help your child develop and use other emotions instead of anger, as
    well as use anger for learning and growth
  5. Ways to Prevent feeling unloved throughout life
  6. Applications for your own life, so you can model being a “minimally angry person” for your child!

I am grateful to you for being so conscientious about being an Incredible Parent! Your Incredible Kids will soon join other Incredible Kids, helping to evolve human beings and our planet into a better place!



Ilene L. Dillon, M.F.T., L.C.S.W.

Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., aka “The Emotional Pro,” has been helping people deal powerfully with their emotions since 1972. She is a pioneer in the “Emotional Literacy Movement,” having published her original books for parents (entitled “Exploring (Emotion) with Your Child”) in 1994. A “Recovered Angry Person” herself, Ilene knows firsthand what can happen to your life when anger is in charge, instead of the person living the life. For the past 40 years, Ilene has perfected her ability to teach others how emotions like anger operate as “signals” that help us navigate life. Once you understand the signal and how to work with emotions, you, too, can become an “Emotional Master,” which is Ilene’s most heartfelt goal for all of us. Ilene is a masterful therapist, coach, and is also a dynamic Professional Speaker, trainer and Radio Host. She is the author of 21 books, workbooks, CDs and video programs.


Legal Disclaimer: The information contained in this book is not guaranteed to improve or change the quality of your life or the life of your family or children. To be effective, information needs to be applied. Because each person applies information differently, there is can be no guarantee of specific emotional, behavioral or life change when you read and apply the ideas and concepts of this book.

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