“Building Emotional Foundations for Life”

“Alone” and “Lonely” are very far apart. There is a simple reason we feel lonely, along with
a simple remedy. Parents who can teach their children to remedy their feelings of
loneliness can save their children from a world of pain. This book will help you do just that!

From Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., The Emotional Pro
El Sobrante, California

Dear Parent,

All of us parents want to help our children with issues like “loneliness.” The question is, how much do you actually know about loneliness and how to cure it in your own life? What can you give your child, based on how you deal with loneliness that you experience? When your child comes to you to share “I’m lonely,” won’t it be nice to know what is causing that feeling of loneliness, and exactly what to do to help!

Usually, the only information parents have about working with emotions like loneliness is what we put together in our own childhoods. For most of us, this isn’t very much. It’s not very sophisticated. It doesn’t give us much of a handle on what to do or say. If you think “get out and make friends,” “develop relationships,” or “go do something fun” will automatically cure loneliness, you need this book. Those things will help, perhaps, but they are not lasting solutions in most instances. This book sets you and your child up for lasting solutions.

Parents want their children to learn to enjoy being alone; but they don’t like them to feel lonely! You can now help your child not to confuse “being alone,” with “loneliness” any more. Spending time alone is how we “listen to the universe, to nature and to our innermost self.” We want our children to know how to spend time, comfortably, alone.

The emotion of loneliness brings your child vital information, allowing him or her to make adjustments in behavior in order to self-correct with current circumstances. Working with this emotion helps your child develop vital self-awareness, the ability to ask for help, and the assurance that she or he can be in charge of emotions. Imagine being able to help your child discover what to do to end lonely feelings in mere minutes! This is a wonderful emotion to explore and resolve together, simultaneously giving your child the tools to resolve “loneliness situations” for a lifetime. The ABCs of Loneliness: Building Emotional Foundations for Life holds both the understanding and the tools you need.

Emotions are easy, once we understand their purpose, their “signal” and the best ways to work with them. You will have the ability to teach your child to work with his or her emotions in easier ways. You’ll be able to model what you discuss. Your child will become equipped to deal with all of his or her emotions during childhood and throughout life. This is a gift whose worth cannot be measured!

The ABCs series uses art and art materials, to help your child work through everyday emotions like loneliness. Your child will dissolve lonely feelings in the present, heal past loneliness, and have the tools to prevent loneliness for the future! Your child will be grateful to you for giving him or her a thorough grounding in emotions. Childhood is very much about learning about emotions—what they are, how to feel them, how to work with them, what they’re saying and how to release them (harmlessly) so we can go on to other things. When you know how to equip your child with this information, your parenting will become an invaluable backdrop to your child’s entire life. The ABCs books, like this one on Loneliness, can show you the way. Incredible Parents raise Incredible Kids, who become Amazing Adults. Get going!

Loneliness can come to an end at your home. You and your child will be released to deal with other, more fun and pleasant topics. Whenever you or your child experiences loneliness, you’ll be able to reverse that feeling in a matter of minutes. Thank you for caring for your child’s emotional development!



Ilene L. Dillon, M.F.T., L.C.S.W.


What’s In the ABCs of Loneliness: Building Emotional Foundations for Life?

  1. An understanding of what loneliness actually is, including what needs to be done to correct it
  2. Information on actions will end those feelings of loneliness, and what can be done next time, too
  3. Activities to help your child explore and understand the emotion we call Loneliness (activities are     focused on 3 different age groups: 5-8, 9-11, and 12-14)
  4. Information you can share with your child about how to heal loneliness, as well as about how emotions
    work and how to work with them.
  5. Applications for your own life, so you can model ending loneliness for your child! Through your own     work with yourself, you can give your child both an understanding of what loneliness means, the tools     to enable your child to reverse loneliness on his or her own, and the insight to learn more about him or     her self as a result of working with feelings of loneliness.
  6. At first, you’ll work with your child. You’ll be teaching your child to work with him or her self, abilities     that will last a lifetime (and will likely be passed on to your grandchildren, too!)


Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., became “The Emotional Pro” because she entered adult life knotted by held-onto emotions. Like most people, she didn’t even realize what damage those held-onto emotions were doing. She certainly had no information about how to work with them, because her parents had no information about emotions, and their parents didn’t, either! This may be true for you, too. Determined to get her real life back, Ilene learned a simple, straightforward and powerful way to work with emotions that put her back in the driver’s seat of her own life! She’s been telling people how to do this in their lives, ever since. Her original manuals for parents (“Exploring /emotion/ with Your Child”, 1994) made her a pioneer in the “Emotional Literacy Movement”. Ilene is a 40-year Marriage and Family Therapist, a Coach, Professional Speaker, Radio Host, Seminar Leader and Author. She is dedicated to restoring Love to its rightful place, as the “language of the Universe,” with all the other languages of emotion deciphered and utilized as they were designed to be used. Emotions have been given to us as tools for navigating our lives; let’s use them!


Legal Disclaimer: The information contained in this book is not guaranteed to improve or change the quality of your life or the life of your family or children. To be effective, information needs to be applied. Because each person applies information differently, there is can be no guarantee of specific emotional, behavioral or life change when you read and apply the ideas and concepts of this book.

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