“Building Emotional Foundations for Life”

This book is for all parents who want to give their child
the best tools they can, so their child lives the best-for-them life possible!

You know you love your child a lot, and demonstrate the Art of Love.
But did you know there are 7 Skills of Love, too? Not everyone knows them.

From Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., The Emotional Pro

Dear Parent,

Certainly all of us want to share and develop love with our children. We can hug them, comfort them, talk with them, give to them, receive their offerings, and help them. We can be sure that love thrives when they are with us. But what do we give them to use when we’re not around?

Love really is what makes our world go around, including the “world” of our families, the “world” of the relationship between you and your child, and the “world” between your child and his or her community. Why do we need to concern ourselves with teaching our child about love when we know our children came into the world “loving”?

One of the most difficult things to do in parenting—and the primary thing we address here at Raise Incredible Kids---is how to allow our children to remain the incredible, loving being she or he is at birth. The world is not such an easy place to live in and remember who we are and what love is all about. For that, just as we need to teach our children how to brush their teeth, we need to teach the Skills of Love.

You can help by teaching these 7 Skills, in addition to modeling the “art” of love by loving your children and the people in their world and yours. Likely, you have not been taught the 7 Skills of Love, however. You need to know what they are and how to offer them to your child. This book will help you with that.

Our children not only need to know the 7 Skills of Love, they need to learn how to apply those skills in daily living. As parent, you want your children to be able to give and receive love, and to love themselves, too! You know, it doesn’t matter whether we love ourselves or others, because it’s all love. The important thing is that we base our lives on love. This book will help you with that.

We parents want our children to know what “real love” is—not the romanticized, sexualized idea of “falling in love,” but the kind of love that delivers respect, support, kindness, and connection. Parents don’t want their children to experience pain related to love (because they don’t measure up, aren’t finding a mate, have disagreements, or have some kind of physical challenge—which society often says “matters” when it comes to love). Parents want their children to know love as a part of their being, and as the fundamental energy of their existence. This book can help you with that.

If you take for granted that your child “knows” how to love, and will therefore grow up to be an open, loving person on a lifelong basis because you are a loving parent, you are not really Facing Fact about what your child really needs to discover and know about love. How open our child is to love depends on all the things they experience in childhood, what is passed down through the generations, and their ability to know and use the 7 skills of love.

You can teach the 7 Skills of Love your child; and The ABCs of Love will help. As you are teaching your child, you also practice the art and skills of love yourself. Your child will be helped to build a very solid foundation that will powerfully and positively influence the rest of his or her life. The “Choosing Love” Exercise included in The ABCs of Love has the power to put your child on a path toward a positive, loving and joyous life—the kind we all want for our children.

Emotions are energy (“emotions” = “e-motions”, i.e. “energy in motion”). It is vital for parents to teach their children not only why we have emotions, what a particular emotion is “signaling,” and the best ways to correct/heal/release/experience that emotion. Because most parents have had precious little instruction in how to do this themselves, The ABCs books are important to your own growth as an emotional being.

They’ll help you be a better parent. Increasing the amount and quality of love in your family can help the family be a true “cradle of civilization,” and feed your child emotionally for a lifetime!

I hope you’ll take advantage of all of the information, instruction and coaching we have for you so that you, too, can Raise Incredible Kids!


Ilene L. Dillon, M.F.T., L.C.S.W.


What’s In the ABCs of Love: Building Emotional Foundations for Life ?

  1. An understanding of the 7 Skills of Love, and how to work with them
  2. Information on what can be done to increase love in your child’s life
  3. Activities to help your child explore and understand the emotion we call Love (activities are      focused on 3 different age groups: 5-8, 9-11, and 12-14)
  4. Information about ways you can help your child understand and heal from unloving actions      s/he has experienced
  5. Ways to Prevent feeling unloved throughout life
  6. Applications for your own life, so you can model deep loving for your child!

The ABCs series uses art and art materials, as well as a unique understanding, to help your child work through everyday emotions, dissolving held-onto emotions, healing emotional issues, and preventing future buildup of a particular emotion.

Author Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., aka “The Emotional Pro,” is a pioneer in the Emotional Literacy Movement, having published her original books for parents (entitled “Exploring Loneliness [Anger, Fear, Hurt, Jealousy, Grief, and Guilt] with Your Child”) in 1994. Ilene is dedicated to returning emotions to their rightful place in human life—smack dab in the middle of everything! She has dedicated herself since 1972 to working as a California Marriage and Family Therapist, and over the years as a Coach, Seminar Leader, Professional Speaker, author and radio show host (Full Power Living, www.emotionalpro.com, since 2004). Ilene takes joy helping people everywhere understand that emotions have been given to us as tools for navigating our lives, and operate as friends and helpers when we understand and allow them to work the way they are designed to work. Ilene is convinced that LOVE is the true language of the Universe.


“This weekend, I discovered that most people are afraid of love. They have a hard time telling someone ‘I love you.’ They are uncomfortable receiving love. And they don’t allow themselves to love their own Self! I realized I don’t have difficulty doing any of these things; and I believe it is because of what I learned from you, Ilene.” ----Robin Fink, Jungle Mamas Coordinator, The Pachamama Alliance


Legal Disclaimer: The information contained in this book is not guaranteed to improve or change the quality of your life or the life of your family or children. To be effective, information needs to be applied. Because each person applies information differently, there is can be no guarantee of specific emotional, behavioral or life change when you read and apply the ideas and concepts of this book.

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