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Parenting Consciously for Incredible Kids
Starting Feb 4, 2013: A ten-session Teleseminar that offers:

  • Why it is now vital for us to change our method of parenting
  • Redefine the “job” of Parenting
  • The Principles of Conscious Parenting
  • Discipline that can create immediate, lasting Change in one encounter
  • How to be an effective “container” for your child’s growth
  • Communication techniques for speaking up, neutralizing criticism, & sharing
  • How to establish a great relationship with your own body–for life
  • How to help your child grow out of manipulation –for life
  • Guilt, Responsibility, Love, and family/life Participation
  • How to easily accomplish Character and Integrity Development
  • A primer on emotions for you and your child(ren)

Teach Your Child(ren) to Be an Anger Master
A 10-session Webinar Starts Feb 12, 2013, includes:

  • Anger as Our Most Active Emotion (and How it Hurts Us
  • Is Anger Real? (The Difference Between Real and Synthetic Emotions)
  • Why we have anger and what sets it off
  • Using the Laws of Physics to Understand How Anger Works
  • How to Change What Angers You (and Reduce Your Total Volume of Anger, Too!
  • Powerful Things to Teach Your Child(ren) to Attain Mastery Over Anger
  • Why We Hold Onto Anger (Even When We Know It’s Killing Us!)
  • Hidden Forms of Anger
  • 5 Powerful Ways to Release Anger (Harmlessly)
  • The Power of Letting Anger Go (and Who It Benefits Most)
  • What Can Take the Place of Anger (Positively) in Your Life–and How to Do It?
  • Tricks for Quickly Processing Anger that Arises in Your Family
  • What Parents Need to Do With Themselves to Promote Anger Mastery in Kids

Ilene Dillon speaks on a variety of topics related to Parenting Consciously, including:

A. Basic Conscious Parenting, Problem Areas (such as working with anger, sibling rivalry, handling manipulation, and maintaining high self-esteem)

B. Developmental Areas (such as communication skills, self-care, and working with the body)

C. Parental Self-Care

D. Character Development (such as personal ethics, compassion/empathy, making great conscious choices, and the power of living by Principle–& how to do it)

E. Spiritual Development (nurturing the Incredible Being inside each of us).

A professional member of The National Speakers Association since 1984, Ilene is available for bookings for

In-person Training
Seminars and Teleseminars

To book Ilene:
e-mail: ilene@emotionalpro.com
phone: 866-385-5769 ext. 801

address: P. O. Box 21708, El Sobrante, CA 94820

Speaking fees are available upon request



How to Raise Kids You Like
Though we all love our kids, we don’t always like them. What do we offer to get them not to whine? To take responsibility for their actions? To participate in the family (willingly and happily)? What can parents do about manipulation, stealing, telling lies and other “normal challenges” of childhood? Find out what you can do to raise kids you both love and like, based on Principles your kid can take into adulthood.

Be a Parent (Not a Friend), And Still Partner With Your Child
Let’s face it. You got here first! You’re the parent; and your kid is the child. You also know, however, that you can complete projects at work when you form effective liaisons, drawing from the skills, talents and strengths of more than one person. This can be done in families, as well, even when children are quite small. Discover how to form Parent-Child Partnerships that enhance the lives of both parents and children, and create better outcomes! Includes management of the Parent-Child Partnership, communication techniques, “rules of engagement,” and what to include in your “contract.”

Reducing the Pressures of Parenting
Don’t you have enough to do by earning a living, establishing and running a home, shopping for food and making meals, getting children to appointments and activities, and getting homework completed on time? If you feel like there “isn’t enough time” in your day (or especially for yourself), that your children are not appreciative of all your work, that you don’t get the cooperation you want, or that you just need a periodic break, Ilene has answers for you! Discover how you can get your kids to be partners with you in relieving those pressures of being a parent, so you have time left over to have fun together.

What It Takes for Kids to Develop Emotional Mastery
Most parents want their child(ren) to be successful in life, whether in personal life or at work. They work hard to help them become educated, believing that developing IQ ensures success. In fact, it’s developing EQ (Emotional Quotient/Emotional Literacy) that is the strongest correlate with success in all areas. Ilene Dillon is “The Emotional Pro,” ready to tell audiences 1) why we have emotions, 2) her 7-Step Recipe For Handling Any Emotion, 3) what parents can do to ensure children spend their childhood developing emotional literacy and balance. Children who can identify, work with, and harmlessly release emotions within themselves, and know how to work with the emotions of others, can lead wildly successful lives. You can be the parent who sets this into motion.

Becoming Mindful of The Seven Skills of Love

Love is both an Art and a set of 7 Skills. These skills can be identified, taught and worked with in families, then used wherever we want to base our actions and thoughts on the Principle of Love. Going through your day staying mindful of employing these 7 Skills of Love changes the nature of your experiences, your relationships, your success, your self-esteem, and the joy you experience in your life. The 7 Skills can be used at home and at work.

Radio Host/MC/Moderator

Ilene has been the creator/host of Internet Radio’s Full Power Living since 2004, dedicated to “transforming our world through the power and mastery of human emotions”. She has interviewed great thinkers, movie stars, psychics, New Age authors, business leaders, healers, artists, animal lovers, relationships experts, medical doctors, therapists and coaches, to name but a few. Known for her fearlessness in creating her own in-depth questions, as well as her authenticity, warmth, hospitality and openness, Ilene is available for booking to MC, Interview or to Moderate Discussions.



Ilene L. Dillon, M.S.W., aka "The Emotional Pro," has been transforming the world through the power and mastery of human emotions for four decades. A long-time California Marriage and Family Therapist, Ilene used her 20 years as a single parent to develop a powerful way to Parent Consciously. Ilene is a pioneer of the Emotional Literacy field, having published her first books in 1994. Now married to neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Fink, Ilene shares 6 adult "children" and 5 grandchildren in her blended family. Since 2004 she has hosted Full Power Living on the Internet.

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